This unprecedented disaster has caused widespread damage, with one of the biggest earthquakes in history leading to an enormous tsunami, the devastation of the transportation system and the leakage of radioactive substances from the nuclear reactors.
It will take years for the afflicted areas to recover.

I don’t know when I can leave this evacuation center...
I have no idea whether my company can start business again...

It is true that there were many people in the Tohoku area who benefited economically from the nuclear power stations. However, the damage caused by the reactors is tremendous and it will take a long time and a lot of hard work before farmers, fishermen and other Tohoku residents can return to their normal lives. In order for Tohoku to recover, it clearly needs long-term support from each and every one of us.Regardless of where we live, we must unite together and help each other.

Bond and Justice has been receiving goods from volunteers throughout the nation and delivering them to the afflicted areas.
Though it looks like hell over there, smiling faces can also be seen. If we can make more people smile by providing them with supplies, then will keep going there as long as it takes! We have made this our strong commitment and engraved it in our hearts.

We wish to express our deepest condolences to the people in the afflicted areas. Now is time for us to start changing the way Japanese society works. This is the road to recovery. We can’t expect ‘someone else’ to fix things. Unless each and every one of us raises our awareness, it will not be possible for the Tohoku area to recover by itself. It needs our support.

Though it may seem like something from a movie, this tragedy really is happening to our country.
However we have also been given a chance to help in the recovery. We must learn a lot from this disaster and we have an important role in passing on this compassion and knowledge to the world.
There are so many things we need to do in order not to make sure this tragedy never happens again.

The people in the afflicted areas no longer have ordinary lives to go back. In order to start a new era, there is something we tell the rest of the world – that the key to saving society lies in the “bonds” that connect us and the sense of “justice” that we share Please give us your support.


炊き出しAfter three weeks from the earthquake we are mainly supplying the food for victims.
There are a lot of organizations collecting the donation,BOND&JUSTICE’s activity has an aspect that updating needs from the victims frequently, and delivered the goods directly.
Accordingly usage of the donation is only supplying the foods.
The cost comes out huge for delivery and purchasing materials.To continue this kind of activity we need to rely on your kindness.

We will disclose the information on this web site, about our activity, where our activity was done and person or organization name that helped our activities.


Bank Name:
Ichibancyou, Shichizyuushichi-Bank
Checking Account:
Account Name:


Please be note we changed the delivery address for the goods to only two locations, Sendai and Utsunomiya. This is because the transport pathway is gradually fixed.

The goods we received will be delivered to the victims by the car we rented under the cooperation of local volunteer stuff.

  • *Do not send the goods not designated this HP.(It takes a lot of time for sorting, and volunteer stuff will be annoyed these goods)
  • *Please write down on the box about how many pieces of the goods in the box and what is the good in large character.
  • *Please be note that goods must arrive at every Tuesday’s receiving time.


Postal code 981-3111, 4-2 Sumiyoshi, Matumori,
Izumi-Ku, Sendai-city, Miyagi-pref, Japan.
Cell Phone:
Receiving Time:

‘DESIGNATED GOODS’ (only new goods)

Water (mineral water / 2L, 6bottles in one box)
Postal code 321-0933, 2270, ChikuseMachi,
Utunomiya-city, Tochigi-prefecture, Japan.
Receiving Time:

DESIGNATED GOODS’ (only new goods)

Water (mineral water / 2L, 6bottles in one box)