東北関東大震災支援隊本部 BOND&JUSTICEOn March 11, 2011, Tohoku district and Kanto district was suffered from the unprecedented huge earthquake.
We suffered collapse of houses by tsunami, experienced tough evacuation life,and still worrying about the influence of the radiation leaking from the nuclear reactors.
There are more things for anxiety.
All these things are well known by mass media reported in daily life.

Nobody consider this disaster as someone else’s problem.
Nevertheless, there is a still serious damages, voices of the people not disclosed to the world.
I found out these points when I delivered goods asked by Minamisouma-city’s lord mayor immediately after the earthquake.
After that time, I’m delivering the goods around the Touhoku area for two weeks.
The voices of anxiety from the victims are never decreased.
At the same time, I found out there is a lot of peoples with vigor and bravery. They are looking straight forward and facing with their life in the mass of rubble.
I convinced from this experience that now it is a not time to be dizzy with grief. We can’t stop here. We have a lot of things to do by our hands not only relying on the government.

I hope many victims as possible given hope and light by the bond made by grasping people’s hands together and Japanese virtue of splits helping each other, many elder peoples as possible spending no anxiety life, many children as possible innocence smile.
Our role is supporting these kinds of restoration.

By the cooperation from the peoples all over the Japan, We can deliver the 150ton’s of goods until April.
Fortunately, the goods are gathering our inventory day by day.
Nevertheless, There is a many places where lacking goods and care by people. There are actions, not ended in short time but in view of long time span.

Please give your hands together. Now we need to move to create Japan’s future from this place and spread this experience all over the world.

Great Tohoku Kanto Earthquake Support Team Front Office “BOND&JUSTICE
CEO: Masahiro OODO

被災地In areas not covered much by the media, some heartless people have been committing crimes related to clothes, food and shelter as well as sexual offences.
The key to saving people in the stricken coastal areas lies in the “bonds” that connect us and the sense of “justice” that we share.


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Great Tohoku Kanto Earthquake Support Team “BOND&JUSTICE
March,11,2011 (Fri)
307-5-19-17, Youga, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Masahiro OODO
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